The East Tennessee Veterans Honor Guard

“The brave die never, though they sleep in dust: Their courage nerves a thousand living men.”

–Minot J. Savage

What We Do

A military funeral with full honors performed by ETNVHG is a solemn, dignified and memorable way to commemorate the life of one who served their country in uniform. Military honors consist of a military eulogy, rifle volley, taps, and folding and presenting an American Flag.

The Military Eulogy

A brief recap of the military history of the deceased, including what the person did while serving, rank at time of  discharge, and years served. It is normally performed by a person from the same branch of service.

The Rifle Volley

The Rifle Volley consists of 3 rifle shots performed by up to 7 riflemen.

The Playing of Taps

Taps is a symbolic call to rest that is, of course, performed by a bugler after the rifle volley.

Flag Presentation

Folding and Presenting of the American Flag. This is sometimes performed by active duty personnel from the honorees branch, but many times it is performed by members of the East Tennessee Veterans Honor Guard.

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