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How much does it cost to have Military Honors provided for someone?

We are supported solely by donations, so there is no charge for military honors. However, contributions are appreciated.

What is the difference between local honors and honors at Arlington?

The primary difference is that the Arlington services are performed by active duty military personnel while local services are perfromed by veterans who donate their time.

How do I reserve a spot at the Veterans Cemetery located on John Sevier Highway?

A “spot” cannot be reserved because the areas are filled sequentially as veterans pass. If you desire to be buried at the Veterans Cemetery you can pre register by calling and providing the information necessary(DD 214)

Do you perform Military Services at other cemeteries?

Yes, we will perform honors at cemeteries in Knox, Blount and Anderson Counties. However, there are several other Honor Guards in the area who will provide services as far away as Kingsport to the north and Rockwood to the west.

Can women serve as Military Honor Guard members?

Yes, as a matter of fact we currently have 4 women serving with us representing the Army, Air Force and Marines.

Does ETNVHG perform services other than military honors?

Yes, we perform Color Guard services on request

How far will you travel to perform Military Honors?

We have been known to travel several miles upon a special request from the family but, as more Honor Guards form, those requests are fewer.

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